Discover trending American podcasts and music that will inspire and motivate you. Follow these channels and listen to leaders in the music industry to stay up to date with festivals and events near you.

Renaissance Festival Podcast

This podcast is a tribute to American and British folk music. They present listeners with music and entertainment from trending renaissance festivals. Listeners can enjoy live music and performances, including Irish folk music, Scottish bagpipes, Celtic music, English folk, Gypsy music, Sea Shanty, Renaissance music, and even stand-up comedy performances.

Film Festival Radio

The show is led by some of the best presenters in the music industry. It covers the world’s most popular film festivals, producers, actors, indie filmmakers, and TV personalities. There is never a dull moment, and listeners are bound to listen to some exciting programming day in and day out.

Big Sound, Small Town

This podcast will take you on an adventure of a lifetime. Listen to real stories told by real American people. Follow the events and life of songwriters, musicians, and artists in small towns and communities across America. The authentic stories and sounds that make American music will leave you feeling inspired and motivated.

Texas Homegrown Music by Maylee Thomas

Maylee Thomas presents listeners with a variety of talents from the US state of Texas. She reaches out to music fans and experts to learn more about the personal lives of solo artists and their lifestyles. Listen to music writers and promoters who operate in the music industry.

Make sure to tune into these channels to discover festivals and explore American music like never before. Contact IDRS 2019 Music Festival to learn more.