Terry Ewell

Terry Ewell


Terry B. Ewell is Professor of Bassoon and Online Instruction at Towson University. Throughout the world he is recognized as a leading pedagogue for the bassoon. His 400+ “Bassoon Digital Professor” videos have over one million viewings on YouTube and 2reed.net and are available in six languages. His articles on various aspects of bassoon pedagogy have received international attention with publications in American, Dutch, British, and Spanish journals. In addition to his publications, he has performed worldwide with orchestras in Hong Kong, China, Melbourne (Australia), and in the USA in Washington State, West Virginia, and most recently in Maryland. He has recorded for Musical Heritage Society, Hong Kong Records, Pickwick Records, Cambria Records, and Naxos. He served as IDRS conference co-host in 2001 and as president of the IDRS 2002-2005.

Radical Ideas from the 1800’s for performing Mozart’s Bassoon Concerto (and his other concertos as well)

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Nineteenth-century manuscripts, treatises, and other documents indicate that performances of concertos at that time differ significantly from performances today.  Contemporary performances omit hundreds of notes that were carefully written in manuscripts.  Modern performances fail to add many other notes that were expected in the Classical Period.  Furthermore, modern tempos of the Bassoon Concerto are also […]