Marlyn Schram

Marlyn Schram is principal oboist of the San Bernadino Symphony, English hornist with the Redlands Symphony, and former English hornist of the Tuscon Symphony. She is a founding member of 3D Reeds, a double reed trio whos repertoire has primarily been written by esteemed composers specifically for them. Ms. Schram has appeared with several major orchestras in the US, and has been presented as a soloist in China, Korea, Europe and across the USA. She is a founding member of and served on the advisory board for Music 360 Arts Council, based in Orange County California. Ms. Schram, also a licensed Speech-Language pathologist, is in private practice providing voice rehabilitation and care to singers and others using their voice occupationally; neurologic rehabilitation using an innovative life participation approach, and accent reduction to professionals who speak English as a second language.