Brett Linski

Brett Linski

Brett Linski received his Bachelor of Music in Oboe Performance (magna cum laude, departmental honors) from the University of Minnesota-Duluth (2008), where he studied with Laurie Van Brunt. Following undergraduate studies, Brett attended the University of Houston where he studied with Dr. Anne Leek, receiving the Master of Music (2010), and Doctor of Musical Arts with a Minor in Music Literature (2015). Solo appearances include Donizetti’s “Concerto for English Horn”, Copeland’s “Quiet City,” and Ewazen’s “Down a River of Time”, with the Lake Superior Chamber Orchestra in Duluth, and Marcello’s “Concerto for Oboe” with the Zachow Consort and Players in Houston. He currently resides in Duluth where he is the Assistant Professor of Music History and Oboe at the University of Minnesota Duluth. He can be heard on the CD “So the Night Fall: Music of David Ashey White” from Gothic Records. When he isn’t busy grading papers or practicing, he enjoys working out and stand up comedy.

How to Avoid Killing Mozart: Guidelines for Cadenza Composition in Mozart’s Oboe Concerto

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When asked to compose cadenzas for Mozart’s concerto, many oboists run into the same difficulty that Salieri did in “Amadeus”.  Namely, that they are not Mozart!  While none of us will ever be Mozart, it is possible to come to a closer approximation of his style by looking at the treatises of his contemporaries, Quants […]