Anthony Anurca

Anthony Anurca

Anthony Anurca, bassoonist, contrabassoonist, electronic enthusiast and experimental musician plays second bassoon and contrabassoon in his hometown orchestra, The Jacksonville Symphony.  Serves on faculty as contrabassoonist for the Eastern Music Festival and has served on the faculty at The University of Florida and Jacksonville University.  Earned his B.M. at University of Cincinnati College – Conservatory of Music and was a fellow at the New World Symphony.  Principal teachers include:  William Winstead, Martin James, Nancy Goeres, and Brad Buckley.  Prior presentations at IDRS include: IDRS 2015 in Tokyo, Japan; and IDRS 2016 in Columbus, GA.  Has recorded with various singer-songwriters and can be heard playing bassoon and contrabassoon with these artists on their following albums:  Rickolus: Rivers and Lakes, American Backyard, Coconut, and Troubadour, Gabe Darling: The Sky’s a Woman and a Broken Teeth; Radical Face: The Family Tree: The Leaves.

Double Reed Synthesis

Composition Lab

Explore new sounds in the composition lab.  Live presentation and visual demonstration by, Anthony Anurca; incorporating the sound of bassoon and contrabassoon with various electronic instruments, including synthesizers by Moog.  Sounds to be processed through Critter and Guitari audio/video synthesizer for added visual element and synesthesia experience.  Spots available for hands-on experimentation.  Bring your creativity […]