The IDRS 2019 Music Festival is a hub for artists and families who are passionate about music festivals. This site supports aspiring musicians, musical parents, and other artists to contribute to a global culture of music.

Get advice about launching a music career while tending to your newborn’s sleep schedule. Making a success is no simple feat, and it will help to get a little advice from pediatric sleep experts to make sure you can find the right balance between your work and family life.

Parents can take their newborn children with them to music festivals or cultural events when they are older than 2 weeks. Learn how to get your baby comfortable for sleep, and ensure the event has facilities that will accommodate mothers and their babies. Make sure your child’s sleeping schedule is not disrupted by all the activities going on around them.

Take your kids to cultural and music festivals so that they may learn about their cultural heritage. Kids can play and have a lot of fun with friends and family members on these occasions. Pack plenty of snacks and drinks for your kids to enjoy at the event.

Read a brief history of modern and post-modern music and how music performances have changed over the years. The First and Second World Wars gave rise to the popularity of post-modern music. People found more ways to express themselves through music during the 1960s.

Find out how anyone can become a solo artist and follow some helpful guidelines when you decide to take your kids to a music festival or cultural event. Follow these music podcasts to learn more.