How To Get Your Baby to Sleep at A Music Festival

Music festivals can be a wonderful time for both young and old, and there should never be any reason to leave a child at home unless they are too young or feeling unwell. Experts suggest that newborns must be about 2 weeks old before they can attend music festivals or similar social events.

Pediatric sleep experts agree that it is crucial for babies to get at least 14-17 hours of sleep in a day. Parents worrying about their children getting enough sleep is nothing new, but even babies can get the sleep they need while attending a music festival with their parents.

Get Your Baby Comfortable For Sleep

A baby needs to sleep on its back on a flat, firm surface, like a stroller or a portable bassinet. Make use of a comfortable surface and use it every time your baby sleeps or takes a nap. A baby or toddler will be more at ease when they feel comfortable.

Make Sure The Event Has Childcare Facilities

Every event should be equipped with childcare facilities. These facilities will ensure that babies can get away from all the people and noise for a little while to take a nap or to have a change of diaper or clothes. This will also help to calm babies that are restless.

Use Fixed Sleep Schedules and Naptimes

Sleep experts suggest that babies should stick to a fixed bedtime and naptime routine. These routines can still be managed while attending a music festival or event. Babies may go through stages of 9 month sleep regression, and having a fixed sleep schedule may help your child to get enough sleep during the day and evening.

Parents can also give their babies a pacifier to help them fall asleep at a music festival. Get more advice about sleep schedules and putting your baby to sleep by consulting with pediatric sleep experts.

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