ZJ Reeds

Oboe Reeds and Accessories

Zhang Jing Founder of ZJ Reeds

Being a professional oboe player for 15 years and chief oboe maker of world-top reeds production company for more than 10 years.
Born in music family (Father: Cellist; Mother: Pianist; Brother: Chief Oboe Player )

Having a good reed is the key to ensure the stable and high playing quality but making a reed is a long and complicated process. The whole process contains: the choice of reed whistle seat, the selection of reeds, semi-finished products processing (reed thickness and ratio) , the choice of sentries mold base, and make sure the collection of reed whistle seat and mould are suitable for our own instruments.

We are devoted to helping ensure your best playing quality by providing the hand-made, high-quality reeds. And if you are interested in making reeds on your own, we’ll also provide good raw materials as well as tools. We are focusing on each step of the whole process to keep the: pronunciation intonation, interval relations, sensitivity, and stability all at a high-quality level. Each step’s accuracy contributes to the ideal final product.

We’d like to be your trustable partner companying you on the road of being a star.