Sign of the Silver Birch Music

Los Angeles-born composer Kathy Henkel holds a B.A. in History from UCLA and a B.M. and M.A. in Music (composition) from Calif. State University-Northridge. For many years, she worked behind the scenes in music in Southern California in various capacities: scriptwriter-producer for classical radio station KUSC-FM (300 broadcast radio scripts), music researcher at Paramount Pictures, a member of the Los Angeles Philharmonic administrative staff, as well as program annotator for numerous local music ensembles for more than two decades. In the 1990s, she wrote the liner notes for Pro Piano Records in New York and for twelve years was actively involved in the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra’s “Meet the Music” elementary school outreach program. In spring of 2012, Kathy served as Principal Guest Composer at the 28th Annual New Music Festival at Dana School of Music at YSU in Youngstown, Ohio. Currently, she devotes her time to composing and publishing as owner of Sign of the Silver Birch Music.