Reed Machines

By musicians for musicians.

At Reed Machines musicians and technicians work closely together to get the best combination between musical needs and technical possibilities. Our most important inputs are the wishes of our customers. Based on these inputs we develop our products. Our prototypes are tested by respectable musicians. With their comments we improve our products even more. We do this all for one reason; only the best is good enough, without compromise.

All Reed Machines products have the same unique modular design. You don’t need separate machines for different reed types. Within your instrument group you can use one base machine with different reed related sets. Due to the modular design, tight tolerances and ease of use you can change over between reed types, or change wear parts, in minutes without losing the necessary high quality. Our products are designed to serve you.

We know the smallest detail can make the biggest difference, especially with making music. We spend a lot of time on research and development and we use the best materials and production techniques. The results are easy to use high quality products that can meet up with your expectations. The used materials and production techniques guarantee long lasting products. You will enjoy them for many years.